Wolf of Wall Street


December 27, 2013 by Tamara Piety

I gather that we are yet again being treated to a movie that purports to be an examination or critique of unbridled capitalism but may be more a celebration of it. A.O. Scott has this review in the New York Times that persuades me that it is worth giving it a miss. But this quote stood out for me. ”

Does “The Wolf of Wall Street” condemn or celebrate? Is it meant to provoke disgust or envy? These may be, in the present phase of American civilization, distinctions without a meaningful difference behind them. If you walk away feeling empty and demoralized, worn down by the tackiness and aggression of the spectacle you have just witnessed, perhaps you truly appreciate the film’s critical ambitions. If, on the other hand, you ride out of the theater on a surge of adrenaline, intoxicated by its visual delights and visceral thrills, it’s possible you missed the point. The reverse could also be true. To quote another one of Mr. Scorsese’s magnetic, monstrous heroes, Jake LaMotta, that’s entertainment.”


One thought on “Wolf of Wall Street

  1. M.G. Piety says:

    I saw the “Wolf of Wall Street” the day before yesterday and, quite independently of any “message” it may purportedly have, it was one of the most God-awful movies I have ever seen. It was a travesty of film making from a purely aesthetic standpoint. The characters were one-dimensional caricatures. There was no plot, no building of tension, no climax. And yet it went on seemingly FOREVER (I found myself checking my watch repeatedly during the last hour). “Wall Street” and “Boiler Room” are good movies about unbridled greed. “The Wolf of Wall Street” is just a bad movie. I never thought I would see a movie that would make “Lady in the Water” look good, but “The Wolf of Wall Street” did. I doubt very much whether it will even appeal to the audience of nine-year old boys at which it appears to have been aimed. You know how sometimes when you watch a dvd there are all these trailers at the beginning for movies you have never heard of. Well, trailers for “The Wolf of Wall Street” will soon be coming to a dvd near you!

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