Tim Wu – The Right To Avoid Regulation

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July 4, 2013 by Tamara Piety

Jeff Clements of Free Speech for People (a great organization; check out their website) forwarded this terrific article to me the other day that appeared in The New Republic. It is written by Tim Wu, law professor at Columbia.  It offers a nice summary of what we face right now – a fairly substantial attack on regulation generally. Wu has written a terrific book called “The Master Switch” about the rise (and fall) of various information technologies and which considers some of the reasons we might be concerned about current trends. In “How Corporations Hijacked the First Amendment” Wu covers some of the same ground in a more accessible way for a general audience that I have in my book, Brandishing the First Amendment, as well as in a piece for the Michigan Law Review entitled Citizens United and the Threat to the Regulatory State.” It is a terrific piece and highly recommended reading!


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