Google and world domination

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June 5, 2013 by Tamara Piety

Well, maybe not really. According to this piece in Advertising Age, Google is “happy” to answer any questions the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has about their display ad business and the FTC has previously closed an antitrust investigation, apparently finding no antitrust violation. However, it is very difficult to even know what precisely the new capabilities are of Google’s acquisition of Wildfire to Double Click — at least from reading this article. Undoubtedly to the cognoscenti terms like “social measurement” and “social tool” mean something concrete. And they undoubtedly do refer to something concrete. However, if you are not an insider it may be difficult to figure out precisely what new capacities Google is adding to its on-line business.  Suffice it to say it sounds like data mining. I am however hoping for a translation from someone who knows what this might mean.

Until then, I can say this article reads a bit like PR for Google promoting its new ad capabilities. And while this is surely in the category of closing the door of the empty stall (bye bye Flicka), what it sounds like is data-mining of non-sponsored (i.e. non-ad) content on platforms like Facebook which doesn’t actually sound that great….unless you are selling something.


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