The Wages of Globalization

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April 26, 2013 by Tamara Piety

Here is an interesting article from CounterPunch about a factory fire in Bangladesh and the role consumerism plays in creating conditions like this. The Terror of Capitalism The punch line of the article is this quote: “self-absorption over the wars on terror and on the downturn in the economy prevent any genuine introspection over the mode of life that relies upon debt-fueled consumerism at the expense of workers in Dhaka. Those who died in the Rana building are victims not only of the malfeasance of the sub-contractors, but also of twenty-first century globalisation.” Indeed.  Alas, it is virtually impossible to remedy this situation through consumption decisions. There is no reliable information about labor practices. And many people who buy at Wal-Mart and other discounters are also poor people who have few options. The solution to this problem is political action not responsible consumption.


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