April 26, 2013 by Tamara Piety

People hate it. Kevin Drum posted this bit about how much he hates it and how it seems like he is getting more of it lately.  Sick of Phone Calls.  I suspect he is right; but most of the ones I am getting are from pollsters, charities and political – all of which fall outside of the Do-Not-Call Registry ban.  It would be curious if telemarketers are starting back calling, notwithstanding the Do-Not-Call registry. Perhaps, after the Supreme Court’s decision in Sorrell v. IMS Health, they are emboldened thinking it is possible that the registry may be found unconstitutional if anyone decides to challenge it again.  The constitutionality of the registry should be settled law. Sadly though I suspect that all bets are off these days.  Ironically, in Drum’s post about how much he hates telemarketing calls was a really annoying pop-up ad from Bank of America that was impossible (or it was impossible for me) to get rid of.  It is truly absurd that the public cannot better control these sorts of intrusive and annoying ads and calls.


One thought on “Telemarketing

  1. carolpettit says:

    I still get them from non-exempt telemarketers. And I get them on both my home phone and my cell phone, both of which have been registered on the list for years. Additionally, many of the calls to my cell are robocalls. Telemarketers are explicitly barred from makng recorded calls to cell phones. But, though I have reported many, nothing seems to stop them. And if I take the time to press buttons to talk to a live person and explain that the call should not have been made, the BEST response I get is that they will put the number on THEIR no-call list and that it will take a few days before that is effective. Very annoying. (but yes, sometimes I’ve been known to intentionally keep them on the line for a while just to be annoying to them!)

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